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Where it all began


How ARY Traducciones S.L. came to be:

ARY Traducciones/ Translations S.L came to life in 1995, founded by two friends, Jenni Hymoff Koeppel and Ana Rial Ybáñez

When we opened our company, our plan was to combine our personal and professional experience, setting up a company in the town where we live, which, despite lacking many important services, is a great place to be. We are also trying to improve the standard of living in this municipality in any manner we can.

We saw there was a great gap to be filled in the field of translations and that the extensive foreign resident population living here for many different reasons, such as profession, health and retirement, was often disorientated and in need of help in understanding local laws, rules and regulations and paperwork

Mogán enjoys the best climate it the world, according to the World Health Organisation, and this attracts many different kinds of people of diverse nationalities as tourists and as residents. Thus there is a tremendous need for communication and we must be able to understand one another.

That is how the adventure of starting our own company began. But let us situate you first.......

ARY Traducciones S.L. has its offices on the southwest of the island of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain, and more specifically, in the town of Arguineguín, a part of the municipality of Mogán.

Jenni and I met in this same place when we were only 10 years old. Jenni has a multinational background (she carries a US passport, her parents were of German and Russian extraction), her parents were both journalists and she travelled extensively with them around the world. I, Ana, am a citizen of Spain, born in Barcelona, brought up on the Canary Islands but also well travelled because my father was in the Merchant Marines. Contact with persons of every nationality was a normal part of life and my father passed on to me his love of travel and new friends, seeing new places and cultures.

Jenni and Ana grew up with children of many different cultures and are used to dealing with all types of people. The traditions practised in the homes of our friends helped to develop our interest in diversity.

Although neither of us were born in this area, or even on the island, we have settled here and seen the changes that over the years have occurred. We’ve left to study, to work in other places, but we always returned, because we like it here.

In our childhood, Arguineguín was a charming fishing village where a single tourist bungalow complex was being built up on the hill, called Los Canarios I (nowadays they are one of our clients) and we played in their gardens and splashed around in their pools.

I later moved permanently down here and went to school here. Back then the school was a few small rooms around the teachers’ dwellings and only three students were not locals.

We are telling you this to underline the great changes that have happened to this fishing town. One major difference is that a few years back I became a member of the Parent-Teachers’ Association and then the schools had 16 different nationalities amongst their students. Compared to our childhood when we three “foreigners” were the only non-Mogán born students, things sure have changed!

In 2006 a local teacher is proud to say that he has 23 nationalities in his classroom alone and of course there are children from all over Spain as well.

Before the development of the tourism industry people here lived from fishing and agriculture (mostly tomatoes and bananas). Now tourism has taken over Puerto Rico and Playa de Patalavaca.

At present Mogán is home to several eminently tourist resorts, a vacation destination for people from all over the world. The former fishing village of Playa de Mogán is now known as “Venice in miniature”.

There are all types of businesses here, a wide selection of hotels and complexes, over 47.000 beds and fifty thousand more are projected for construction over the next ten years. We have almost 22 thousand residents and a floating population of over 70.000, made up of people of all nationalities who come here to relax, live and work. Many have to adapt to a new culture and language and need help organising their lives, setting up schooling for their children, health services etc.

We are very familiar with this municipality, its problems, idiosyncrasies and needs, not only because we live here but because we have been very active in civic matters and have held Board positions in Residents Associations (called AAVV in Spain or Asociaciones de Vecinos) at a local, regional and national level. We are experienced in administration, management, formalities, etc., dealing with the press, with different professions such as Restaurateurs, Hoteliers, Health Professionals, etc.

We also decided to cover as many languages as possible and so fill the gap existing here for reliable and trained translators.

Now you know why we are here: ARY Traducciones S.L., aims to help you with all your communication needs, Jenni supervises languages and translators and I am in charge of administration and other paperwork. Our team is made up of professionals of many different nationalities who have been working with us for many years, each specialises in her/his own mother tongue, they get to know what our clients require and we try to use the same translator for regular clients who appreciate the familiarity with their company’s professional terminology.

Jenni and I have shared many adventures and ARY Traducciones/Translations S.L. is another one of them, this one has lasted over ten years now. We also share a deep friendship and respect for each other, are reliable and as partners we have built up a company that is proud of its impeccable reputation and long-standing clientele. Each one of our customers is important to us and we do our best to deliver complete satisfaction in our translation services. Thanks to our clients, we’ve come a long way and hope to continue growing and improve for many years to come, and above all, be at your service.


We are your translator!
For all your translation needs, come and talk with us.

Ana Rial Ybáñez

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