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Price Quotes

Ask for our commitment-free cost estimate. We always count the number of words in the final text, offering you the fairest recount and invoice.

How do we invoice?

We charge a per word rate based on the final product, and each type of translation service has a minimum fee.

There will always be a difference in the number of words between each language from the original to the translated text.
At ARY we count the number of words in the original (the text you ask us to translate) and make our estimate based on that number of words. Once the translation has been completed, the computer counts the final number of words per language used (the ones you ordered the translation to be done to) and we invoice you that amount plus 5% IGIC (Canarian Indirect General Tax).

Order our services from the comfort of your computer. No need to come to our offices
(unless of course you’d like a cup of coffee or tea)

Should you prefer to visit us, it will be a pleasure to welcome you and serve you in person. However, there are other ways of requesting our services from anywhere in the world.

By telephone/fax:

Give us a call and tell us what you require, send us the document you need translated by fax for us to evaluate and make an estimate. Give us your fax number and we’ll return the estimate to you as soon as possible and with no commitment to you.
Once you’ve accepted our price estimate, please sign and return it to us via fax together with proof of an approximate 50% advance payment. The final invoice will state the total number of words and upon delivery of the completed translation, you can pay the outstanding amount via bank transfer or cheque.

Tel/Fax: +34 928 150 299

By e-mail:

Send us the texts or document as attachments and we will evaluate them (this is the closest type of cost estimate), preferably in MS Word format, which is the easiest to count words in and helps us to be as precise as possible. If you do not have access to MS Word, then scan the document or send it to us in another programme.
Once you have accepted our estimate, the payment system will be the same as above. We can give you our bank account number for you to make a transfer or you can send us a cheque.

By Courier:

As soon as we have agreed upon the required service, you can send us your originals via courier and we can return them to you in the same manner if you wish.
This system is usually used with sworn translations because the translator must have the originals or a scanned copy of them, in order to do the sworn translation and sign and stamp the final product.

You will also be billed for the messenger service.

*Sworn, Official or Legalised
translations are the same.
They will be signed and stamped by a translator officially
designated to do this type of translating by the
Ministry of the Exterior
(Spanish Foreign Office). "

For information or cost estimates, please contact us in:
Spanish, English or German.

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