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Interpreter Services

An interpreter may be necessary and useful for many administrative procedures, both private and professional.
Telephone contacts, accompanying you to any public authority whether the town council, the police, a court, etc., doctor's visits and so on.....
Business meetings, signing official papers at a Notary Public; a Press Conference; an Assembly; a trial; any event....
The goal of any negotiation is to achieve the successful understanding without which communication is impossible: that is when the services of a good interpreter are most valuable.

Gran Canaria

Life on this beautiful island offers many advantages but also some inconveniences, such as for example that fact that there are not always sworn translators for all languages.
Should you require a sworn translator for a trial, for example, we might find that most of the year the only languages for which there are sworn translators on the island are English, German and French.
For these and specially any other languages, we recommend you contact us as much in advance as possible. We can bring an official interpreter to the island from Mainland Spain for example, however, at considerable expense.
This is not to say that there are no good translators for the other languages on the Islands, but most are not "sworn" or recognised by the Ministry of External Affairs of Spain.


Simultaneous translation is an art.
It requires experience, mental agility, listening skills and considerable concentration.
All artists require the right material to work with.
This means that unless we receive the necessary material in advance in order to enable us to prepare for the service, learn about the issues to be discussed and the specific terminology involved, the interpreter will not be able to carry out his/her job to the best of her/his ability, because when one is inside the interpretation booth, there is no time to consult a dictionary, internet etc., nor can one stop the event to ask anyone.
It is of the utmost importance that our clients share the necessary information with us in order to ensure optimum preparation of the person/s who will be translating, above all when dealing with simultaneous interpretation.
It is not easy to find professionals well qualified in simultaneous interpretation to any given language on the island at any given time of year. Nothing is impossible but we need time to find the right professional for each service.
There are interpreters willing to travel to the islands but we need time to set up appointments sufficiently in advance to organise availability.


We recommend you ask for an interpreter sufficiently in advance to be able to confirm availability for the language and the dates required. Some of our professionals do not live on Gran Canaria all year round and are not always available.

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